Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project

Be part of the most important undertaking in human history.

In 1957 we sent the first satellite into orbit, in 1961 we sent the first man into orbit, in 1969 we landed on the moon. THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING SENDING PEOPLE TO LOW EARTH ORBIT HALF A CENTURY LATER???!!!

We should have landed on Mars in 1980, today we should have had permanent outposts on several worlds in our solar system. There should have been cities on Mars and on Jovian moons. Our failure to pursue space travel after the moon landings is the biggest failure of the human race to date. At this point in time we should be making preparations for colonizing worlds orbiting nearby stars. That's where we come in!

The Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project is an aggressive and well planned approach to colonize an exoplanet. It can be argued that the time for such an undertaking is not yet ripe, it can be done cheaper and better in the future. Yes that may be the case, but there is no guarantee the future will be as prosperous as we all hope it will be. We must spread to other worlds; it is our paramount obligation as an intelligent species. If we can go now we must, even if it's very difficult and insanely expensive. Nothing matters in the long run except spreading Earth life to other worlds.

If we choose not to colonize new worlds our existence as a species is not justified!
US$ 17374

US$ 982626


The Pikpuk Exoplanet Colonization Project is divided into five phases.

PHASE 1 ( current ) - Create awareness and accumulation of funds for phase 2

In this phase we will be focusing on creating awareness of the project and the accumulation of the funds needed to proceed to phase 2. During this phase we will also be recruiting team members for the upcoming phase 2.

When to move from phase 1 to phase 2

When the amount of money we have accrued and the inflow of money is such that we can start up and sustain an engineering team we will initiate phase 2. Tentatively we have set the threshold at 1,000,000 US Dollars, but if the financial inflow is high enough we will start before we reach that amount.

PHASE 2 - Complete design and detailed implementation plan of the project, accumulation of funds for phase 3

In phase 2 we hire staff for our engineering team and get started designing the system. Fundraising will continue during phase 2 to cover not only the ongoing costs of phase 2, but to cover the much larger costs of the upcoming phase 3. The design of the project must be such that it only uses existing technology, and it must be such that it can be implemented when sufficiently funded in no more than 10 years. The design will be open source on the condition that the purchased naming rights of the Pikpuk project are honored; if someone else wants to launch their own colonizing mission based on our design we are very happy about that and will offer our assistance to their mission in any way we can. The design of the vessel and the implementation plan will be updated continuously as new relevant technology and science becomes available.

When to move from phase 2 to phase 3

When we have secured funding for phase 3 based on the design and implementation plan of phase 2 we will initiate phase 3. As the design and implementation plan from phase 2 is continuously improved to bring the cost down at the same time as the available funds increase we get closer and closer to phase 3. When the cost meets the available financial resources we move to phase 3. Phase 3 is with the currently available technology expected to cost a few trillion US dollars. That's about the same amount the US spent on World War 2, or a third of what all countries spent on World War 2. That does sound like a huge amount of money, but it's a single digit percentage of this world's economic output in one year. Spread over a decade it's less than a percent of our global output. The biggest challenge of this project will be to raise the money for phase 3, but this is something that needs to be done, there is nothing more worthy of resources on this planet. This needs to be done, and we will do it!

PHASE 3 - Construction of the vessel, preparation of crew

The construction of the vessel will take place in space and will with currently available technology be the most expensive industrial project ever undertaken. Details of phase 3 will depend on the system designed in phase 2.

PHASE 4 - Launch and journey

With currently available technology the journey will take a few hundred years and will require several generations to live out their lives on the ship. Details of phase 4 will depend on the system designed in phase 2.

PHASE 5 - Arrival and colonization of exoplanet.

Details of phase 5 will depend on the system designed in phase 2.

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